Traffic Offenses

Traffic violations can range from a simple traffic infraction to serious criminal offenses with penalties ranging anywhere from fines to having your license suspended to receiving substantial jail time. 

Virginia’s DMV keeps track of your driving history and deducts points for certain traffic violations.  DMV deducts more points from your “driver point balance” depending on the severity of the traffic offense - the more serious the offense, the more points that are deducted.  Insurance companies see your point totals and adjust your premiums and deductibles accordingly.

Whether you drive to / from / or during work, take your children to school, or take dependents to receive medical care most people can't afford to lose their license.  In addition to the inconvenience of having your license suspended a lot of traffic offenses will appear on your record and background investigations potentially jeopardizing future employment and your ability to obtain or maintain a security clearance. 

Don’t assume that you will be found guilty just because you received a traffic ticket.  Frequently, a case may be dismissed due to technical problems or reduced as a result of negotiating with the Commonwealth.

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